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Membership Type Eligibility Criterion Details Benefits
Professional • The candidate should possess any Professional Degree like CA, CFA, ICWA, CAIIB, PhD./M.Phil/Post Graduate in Economics, Econometrics, Statistics, Commerce, Mathematics, Finance, Management*, Financial Planning/ Advising, Investment (or any other similar discipline) LLB, PGDFA from IIBF, Civil Service Examinations by Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), Recognized professional qualification in Investment & Finance or equivalent

• 2 references from relevant industry + minimum 3 years of relevant industry experience.
• Registration fee of INR 2000/- (1 time fee)
• Membership fee is INR 2000/- per year
• 15 CPD hours annually to keep "Members in Good Standing" status
• Entitle to participate in all AAFM India activities and programs
• Networking opportunities
• Discounts to AAFM India Knowledge Workshops, seminars, etc.
• Listed in AAFM India online membership directory
• Use of AAFM India brand such as Professional Member of AAFM India
Certified • Attend CWMTM certification Course (in-classroom or e-Learning) and pass and AAFM India Examination • Registration fee is NILL
• Membership fee is INR 5,000/- per year
• For the 1st year, no CPD required. To maintain active and "membership-in-good-standing" status, 30 CPD hours are required (see CPD program details)
• All the above
• Use of professional designation in business correspondences, letterhead and cards (i.e. CWM™)
• On-line membership portal access
Fellow (highest distinction) • Open to Certified / Professional / Senior Members from the industry who have a minimum of 10 years of experience at senior managerial level.
• Submit a dissertation of 10,000 to 15,000 words, on a relevant subject approved by AAFM™ Board of Standards.

• Certified Members must be able to demonstrate that they have contributed significantly to the progress of the AAFM India (eg. articles, AAFM India competency standards; peer review of AAFM India course materials, AAFM India course lectures, AAFM India course guest speakers, etc.)
• Be nominated by two current Fellows of AAFM India justifying the nomination
• A formal review process will be undertaken by the AAFM India Board of Standards
• Registration Fee of INR 3000/- (1 time fee)
• Fellows are required to comply with CPD requirements as with Certified Members
• Annual membership fee of INR 5000/- is waived for the 1st year upon qualifying as a Fellow, thereafter, it is the same as Certified Member
• All the above
• Use of "AAFM India “Fellow" in business correspondences, letterheads and cards
• Exclusive invitations to events hosted by AAFM India
• Exclusive "Fellow" membership benefits